Submitted a purchase of “Renato” and then – the Arsenal prepared to jump

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AC Milan have made a formal offer to sign Lille midfielder Renato Sanchez and Arsenal are set to join. Joining the auction as well.

The 24-year-old has gained attention again. After showing good form with the “dog badge” agency until the team won the league title last season. It also renato showed outstanding form with the Portuguese national team. Until the news began with many teams across Europe.

Earlier, it was reported by Italy that it was the “Red Devils” . Who showed serious interest in seizing the player to represent the midfielder Franck Kessie, who has not yet agreed to a contract extension. team and have begun negotiations

The latest from the media reports of the famous perfume country le10sport.confirmed that the Milan Has started to make an official offer to Lille and want to draw players to join the team during the winter market.

However, the report reveals that there are still “guns” that have shown serious interest in the players as well. And believe that the top team from London Prepare to submit an offer to follow soon.

French reports suggest Milan have made a formal offer for LOSC Lille midfielder Renato Sanches, but Arsenal are preparing their own bid too.

The 24-year-old has long been a target for top clubs, as Barcelona had tried to approach him over the summer, but failed to agree a transfer fee, hampered also by a knee injury.