Rooney is not in the mood to unpack and sell the players to eat.

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Derby County boss Wayne Rooney has launched an attack on the club. After selling another youngster on Tuesday,

although Rooney managed to keep several first-team players at Pride Park, they lost young star Dylan Williams. for Chelsea and Luke Plane for Crystal Palace

on Tuesday. Iron Mountain recently sold another youngster, Omari Kellyman, to Aston Villa for £600,000. This may help support the club’s financial condition. And keeping them out of the transfer ban,

however, Rooney expressed dissatisfaction with Derby’s release of the 16-year-old, a local. Leaving another team.

Administrators forced Rooney to sell nine players during the transfer window, while the fact that the club is under a transfer embargo meant he was not allowed to bring anyone into Pride Park. But, after the 2-0 defeat at Huddersfield, Rooney revealed his optimism that he has raised the cash to keep Derby going until at least the summer.

“We lost nine players in January. And we lost another one today,” he told Ufabet on Tuesday.

“A youngster from Derby, 16 who doesn’t want to leave, he doesn’t want to go and I don’t want to release him,” he said

. From that angle the pride, hope and spirit of this club have been taken from us. which is not correct.”