‘Mane’ shows no sign of injury, joins training with the Liverpool

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Liverpool fans were smiling as Sadio Mane trained with his team-mates after fears he might face an injury in the internationals, while Jordan Henderson and James Milner also trained. like

Ayers Argan Klopp must be found to the problem of sore again, especially in midfield, plus players like Henry Anderson.

And Rene was withdrawn from the national team again

went to the trouble. Ribs involved forced him to withdraw from the Senegal international, while Henderson suffered a minor injury while playing for England. Still, the duo appeared in training today (Tuesday),

the 29-year-old winger taking part in mainstream training is good news for his chances of playing against Arsenal this weekend. Which they are missing the front line like Roberto Firmino already.

In addition to this, Henderson came out to practice solo as well. In the hopes that he will be fit in time to help.

The team again. With four days left to get fit before a return to league action,

the Reds captain could be among the options alongside Thiago Alcantara, Fabinho and Alex. Oxlade-Chamberlain For the real in the game against the famous London team, plus Milner himself is close to making a comeback as well.

A hamstring injury has prevented Milner from playing for Liverpool in the last four games, but he is now out for training despite being separated from the main group.

There is no sign of Curtis Jones and Naby Keita coming out to train, most of them from the academy who train with the first team players who are not scheduled to play the national team.

The rest of the first-team players will gradually return over the next several days. Still, the concern for Liverpool is Andy Robertson’s fitness after suffering an injury in Scotland on Monday night.