Man City player Mendy charged with two more counts of rape

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The future is tough for Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy, who has faced two more rape charges after another woman appeared to be his victim.

Now, the Perfume Blood defender has been charged with 6 counts. Of rape and another count of sexual harassment. After the incident happened at his £5 million mansion.

The prosecutor’s office said the charges involved four victims over the age of 16, which occurred between October last year and last August.

His friend Luis Zaha Matturi (not a former player) has faced two more counts of rape and another count of sexual harassment. That leaves him with a total of six counts.

The two will have to go to court on Wednesday. The trial will begin in January next year. But may have to be delayed further because of the newly added charges

Mendy is still being held in a private prison in Liverpool until now. After he was arrested and charged for the first time in August,

Manchester City have suspended him since he was charged by the police. While waiting for further investigation

He made his debut for City in the first two games of the season against Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur, before being named on the bench in our third match against Norwich City. As for the next game against Arsenal, he was already charged.