Hazard ‘s level of play Not stomping and raising the risk of injury

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Crystal Palace striker Christian Benteke has praised Belgium team-mate Eden Hazard. Develop your own play more intelligent movement No need to drag the same 5-6 people at risk of injury anymore.

The key playmaker moved from Chelsea to Real Madrid. For £98m in 2019, but his La Liga career has been disappointing. Can’t leverage the form as well as playing in England Due to serious injuries all the time

, Hazard has struggled with such problems and is back fit and ready to play this season, which Benteke believes his teammates have adapted well. move smarter No need to drag and slither through the opponent’s risk of injury anymore.

“Hazard has a history of important injuries. And now The he avoids more exposure in his own game,” Benteke told Diario AS.

“When you’ve played like this in the past You do it from your subconscious mind. but not now Because he doesn’t have to dribble past five or six opponents again.”

“He doesn’t have to do that now for a better game. Now he moves more intelligently on the pitch.”

Hazard doesn’t need to carry the ball as much as before when Real Madrid were replaced by Vinicius. Juniors and Rodrygo