Alke Postecoglu spoke ‘Kane’ committed to the club

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Alke Postecoglu has revealed he spoke to Harry Kane. Ready to confirm that the team is committed to serving the club next.

Kane enters the final year of the contract. In the midst of the news with Bayern Munich, who had made an offer to buy him 2 times but had not succeeded,

Uli Hoeness, the top German team executive just came out to say He spoke to the England striker. That clearly shows that he wants to move to hunt nets in the Bundesliga

Poste Coglu discusses the future of this player “I had a good talk. with Harry. It’s not a very important discussion. But good conversation, introducing yourself, mainly we talk about the club where it is. “It

‘s not an individual vision, it’s a team thing and we have no bias in that. We want to see what the team accomplishes this year.” ยูฟ่าเบท

“There are people who know Harry better than me. But he wouldn’t be bothered by anyone. he is here And while he’s here he’s completely focused on what we’re doing. And that’s what I’ve seen

. [About the future] It’s more about the team. And what we are doing, Harry is like any other player. It wasn’t something I asked when he walked in the door and asked if you had tickets. “

It was about working hard as a team. Some may stay along the way. Some people might not But there will be many decisions along the way. This is not what I want from people. Both in the beginning ′′ ′

′ We have almost a month left to start the new season. The transfer market is still open. So we’ll see how it goes.”